Ray Vaughn

Ray Vaughn- The  great, great grandson of Jim And Mary Vaughn and the son of Herman Vaughn. Born and raised in Lauderdale County, MS.  

Author of the 2nd Edition of "Hewers Of The Wilders" and other publications featured on his website Ray Vaughn Publications.com.

The 2nd Edition "Hewers Of The Wilderness" was edited and re-published by Ray to make this very rare work on the Vaughn family by Jack Vaughn available to all and to preserve the legacy of the Vaughn family in America and in Mississippi.

Other publications by Ray include "Transcending Mortality", "Rick's Continentals Band - Music Biography", "Mississippi '60s Music Artists" and various abstracts published on Amazines.Com.

Something new is coming. "Hewers Of The Wilderness-Special Edition" scheduled for release around Sept. 1, 2012 and it will be for sale immediately on this website.  This publication will look more like the original in cover color and will be nearly twice the volume as the original Hewers Of The Wilderness book. Look for this book in the late summer at "Ray Vaughn Publications."

Information Resources for this website include; 
"The Conner Family" by W. E. Conner published 1975
"Crusade in Education" chapter 1 titled My Heritage - Published 1971 by John Earle Vaughn
Hewers Of The Wilderness-1st Edition by Jack Vaughn - Published 1958
Family History Genealogy Research by Lynn Till
Herman Vaughn Remembers by Mary Carol Holland
Family Bibles

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