John R. Vaughn

John R. (Rufus) Vaughn
John R. Vaughn
July 19, 1878 - Jan. 11, 1958

July 19, 1878 - Jan. 11, 1958

John Rufus was born July 19, 1879 to John Albert Vaughn and Margaret Elizabeth Conner. He was born on their trip to Texas, in Kosse, Limestone county. John Rufus was born in the back of a covered wagon. They were back in Kemper Co., Mississippi by the 1880 census. In the 1900 census they were living in Noxubee county. John Rufus married Minnie Lee Eaves on December 11, 1905.  Minnie Lee was born on January 6, 1889 at Gholson, Noxubee county, Mississippi to parents Frances Marion Eaves and Martha Ann Eaves.

John R. Vaughn circa 1950's
pictured with pair of prize white mules

L-R  Rear -   Curtis,  Mertis, Prentis & Herman Vaughn
L-R Front -   Willie Bea, John R. &  Minnie Lee Vaughn

John R. Vaughn Family
John Rufus and Minnie had nine children. Lettie Irene, Emma Aline, Lillie Mae, Prentis E., Annie Belle, Curtis, Herman, Mertis Rufus “Pete”, and Willie Bea. Herman and Curtis were twins born in 1917. In 1910 they were living in Kemper county. In 1920 they were living in Noxubee County close to Pintuckey school, church, and cemetery. In 1930 they were living back in kemper.

The Cole Plantation Home
Lauderdale Col, Lizelia, MS.

Sometime in the early 19403 while the boys were all serving in World War 11, my grand parents  bought the Cole Plantation home in northern Lauderdale county. 
John Rufus passed away on January 11, 1958 in Meridian, Lauderdale county, Mississippi. Minnie lived another eight years and she passed away on January 25, 1966 after a brief  illness in York, Sumter County, Alabama. Both are buried at Magnolia cemetery in Meridian.

John R. Vaughn was my grand father and I have memories of visiting he and my grandmother at the Cole Plantation home as a youngster.  He was a quiet man, much like my father and he was the grandson of Jim and Mary Vaughan.  We would go to the barn and feed the stock and sometimes sit around the fireplace at night listening to him talk about stories from his past.  Stories about Jim & Mary Vaughn or the Cole Plantation ghost legend. I remember my grandmother making tea cakes and on Sundays we would almost always visit for this treat in the sitting room off the kitchen.  We lived with my grandfather and mother during the 50's for awhile until about 1956 at the Cole Plantation home. This was a neat place pack full of history going back to the 1830's...............Ray Vaughn, webmaster-Vaughn Family History Archive.

Information Resources for this website include; 
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