George Washington Vaughn

George Washington Vaughan 1848-1921 (Note: Headstone death date is incorrect. Actual historical documents place death date on Feb. 13, 1921).
George Washington Vaughan is the son of Jim & Mary Vaughn. He was born 14 years after their arrival in Mississippi as new settlers.  George married Emily G. (Emma) Floyd born 1847 and died between 1900 and 1910. We don't have an exact date of death for Emma Vaughn. She was alive in 1900 census and dead by 1910 census. Somewhere in the late 1860's or in 1870 George Vaughan went to Texas and according to 1870 US census he was in Texas. He had (3) children born in Texas in 1870, 1874,1875. He was in Mississippi according to 1880 US census where there was another child born in 1880. 

He went back in Texas by 1882 when he had another child born. Last child born in Texas 1885. According to US Census birth records George W. Vaughan had (6) children. 

There is a family story my father would tell me many years ago about the Vaughns going to Texas. I wish I had paid more attention to those details because today there are somewhat nebulous. But based on my recollections, my great grandfather, John Albert Vaughan went to Texas with one of his brothers (I believe George Washington Vaughan) to help him move to Texas. They traveled by wagon so the trip took about 6 weeks as I remember. Coming back in 1878, my grandfather, John R. Vaughn was born in Kosse, Texas. It must have been hard traveling in a cover wagon and even harder for my great grandmother, Margaret Elizabeth Conner Vaughn to be along and pregnant ultimately delivering on the journey back home.

There are many Vaughans still in Texas related to my great grandfather and his brother George Washington Vaughan. 

Now for a bit of a mystery.  It seems that for some reason George Washington Vaughan returned home in 1920-1921 for a visit. While he was visiting he died and today is buried in the family's Twin Cemetery at Wahalak, MS. (see headstone above-Twin Cemetery) The story found on is as follows;

George Washington Vaughan died of heart failure while walking down the road while on a visit to his birthplace. George Washington Vaughan was born about 1847 and died Feb. 13, 1921 in Wahalak, Kemper County, Mississippi. He married Emily Floyd in 1876. Notes from George Washington Vaughan's death; Certif Reg Dist# 453 File # 2263, Primary Reg. Dist #8784, Reg. No. 4 Kemper Co. Vot. Pct. Wahalak, MS. George Washington Vaughan, white, widowed, age 74, Farmer, birthplace-Mississippi, father-James Vaughn, born Tennessee, mother Mary Carnops, born Alabama.  Informant Chester Vaughan, Wahalak, MS.  Feb. 14, 1921. Date of Death Feb. 13, 1921. No doctor, died 1pm suddenly on public road. Probably heart disease. Contributory-old age. Place of burial-Vaughan Cemetery Feb. 14, 1921. Undertaker-Jim Taylor.

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