Jack Vaughn

Jack Penn Vaughn
Circa 1940
Jack Vaughn, Author of Hewers Of The Wilderness First Edition

     Jack Vaughn was born (1910) in Louisiana and passed away at Fair Hope, Al. (1975).  My purpose in publishing this second edition of "Hewers Of The Wilderness" is to acknowledge the work of Jack Vaughn and his dedication to discovering the history of the Vaughn family,  his accomplishments which  include the publication of his book, "Hewers Of The Wilderness."  Had it not been for Jack Vaughn, these stories would have been lost forever.  During the early 1920's, Jack Vaughn heard these stories from his grandmother, remembered them,  and later published these stories in his first edition book  titled  "Hewers In  The Wilderness.   Jack Vaughn's foresight saved these stories of Jim and Mary Vaughn's pioneer experiences for posterity and today Jack Vaughn and his book, "Hewers Of The Wilderness," have become a part of the Vaughn legacy.  In December 1975, Jack Vaughn was laid to rest in his beloved Twin Cemetery among the early family pioneers and the family patriarch and matriarch,   Jim Vaughn and Mary Vaughn.

Jack Vaughn
Jack Vaughn is buried in his beloved Twin Cemetery
among his ancestors who first arrived in this new territory in 1834.

Jack Vaughn
Author, Hewers Of The Wilderness-1st Edition
About 1958 - Pictured at the Treaty Of Dancing Rabbit Creek Memorial Marker

Hewers Of The Wilderness
The Book by author, Jack  Vaughn

The Book "Hewers Of The Wilderness"
 by Jack Penn Vaughn
Jack Vaughn, Family Author

The Story of Jim and Mary Vaughn. Their move from Speed Mills Alabama to Mississippi in 1833This biography written by Jack Vaughn and published in 1958 chronicles Jim and Mary Vaughns arrival and life at Wahalak, MS. This book is available on Amazon.com and other locations including public libraries in Miss. and Alabama. Request online information about this book from Twincemetery.org@gmail.com

In 2011, I edited and re-published the book "Hewers Of The Wilderness" 2nd Edition. This book includes the original work of Jack Vaughn and over 30 pages of updated material, many historical additions about the Wahalak area of east Mississippi and editorial comments plus illustrations. The book can be purchased at the link at top of page "Ray Vaughn Publications".

An updated Hewers Of The Wilderness-Special Edition will be out by late August 2012 and will have more added content related to the Vaughn family on a broader scale. Be sure to look for this release.

Information Resources for this website include; 
"The Conner Family" by W. E. Conner published 1975
"Crusade in Education" chapter 1 titled My Heritage - Published 1971 by John Earle Vaughn
Hewers Of The Wilderness-1st Edition by Jack Vaughn - Published 1958
Family History Genealogy Research by Lynn Till
Family Bibles

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